Rainbow Moonstone

  • What

    A form of quartz which ranges in colour from light greyish-brown to nearly black. It gets its smoky colour from natural irradiation.​

  • ​Why

    This protective stone is believed to possess grounding properties to keep you connected to the present. Smoky Quartz is said to encourage strength to release one's unwanted energies. ​

  • Where

    A powerful crystal to keep in close contact to channel your inner strength. Keep in the entrance of your home to shield against negative energy and promote a sense of safety. ​

  • Who

    For those looking to release stress and elevate one's mood. This crystal is for those looking to release what no longer serves you. 

  • How

    Use during your meditation practice by pointing the crystal down towards the ground and channeling all negative energy away. ​

  • Cleanse

    ​It is important to cleanse Smoky Quartz from any negative energy it absorbs. You can do this by washing it in water or burning sage.