Crystal Guide

Strength - Protection - Grounding

Smoky Quartz

What: A form of quartz which ranges in colour from light greyish-brown to nearly black. It gets its smoky colour from natural irradiation.​

Why: This protective stone is believed to possess grounding properties to keep you connected to the present. Smoky Quartz is said to encourage strength to release one's unwanted energies. ​

Where: A powerful crystal to keep in close contact to channel your inner strength. Keep in the entrance of your home to shield against negative energy and promote a sense of safety. ​

Who: For those looking to release stress and elevate one's mood. This crystal is for those looking to release what no longer serves you. ​

How: Use during your meditation practice by pointing the crystal down towards the ground and channelling all negative energy away. ​​

It is important to cleanse Smoky Quartz from any negative energy it absorbs. You can do this by washing it in water or burning sage. 

Divinity - New Beginnings - Clarity

Rainbow Moonstone

What:  A form of white Labradorite boasting flashes of rainbows and iridescence throughout. ​

Why: Helps to connect with the Divine Feminine within yourself to access your intuition and inner wisdom. A powerful ally in gaining mental clarity and encouraging new opportunities. ​

Where: Keep on your bedside table or wear in your jewellery to maximise the benefits.​

Who: A great crystal for those looking to embark on new beginnings. The feminine energy also makes this crystal perfect for women who are pregnant or trying to conceive. ​

How: Most powerful when kept close to you or touching the skin. Leave on your windowsill on a full moon to recharge your crystal. 

Abundance - Joy - Creativity


What: A variety of Quartz ranging in colour from yellow to orange to a smoky brown.​

Why: Best known for its powerful manifesting qualities, this crystal attracts abundance and success. Citrine also promotes joy, positivity and creativity.​

Where: Place this crystal in your workspace to attract abundance and promote creativity or keep in areas of the home where you would like to nurture positivity. ​

Who: For those facing a creative block or looking to take on the next big career step. A great crystal for anyone in need of positive and vibrant energy.​

How: Use Citrine in your meditation practice by holding the stone during visualisation techniques.​

​You can cleanse your crystal using palo santo or sage, or by leaving it in the presence of other cleansing stones such as Selenite or Clear Quartz.

Love - Compassion - Inner Healing

Rose Quartz

What:  Also known as Hyaline Quartz, this translucent stone is pale pink in colour. ​

Why: The stone of universal love for oneself and others. The compassionate and caring properties make this a powerful crystal for inner healing. ​

Where: Best kept close to you, either in your bedroom or in your jewellery. ​

Who: The perfect crystal for those seeking more love in their lives. Its healing properties are also thought to protect mother and baby during pregnancy. ​

How: Due to its divine feminine energy, Rose Quartz can be used as part of your self care routine through a face roller or gua sha. 

Inner Power - Hope - Tranquility


What: Aptly translating from Latin as ‘the colour of the sea’, this stone ranges from pale green to blue.​

Why: Its calming energy is said to reduce stress and quiet the mind. This stone aids emotional clarity and liberates one's inner power. ​

Where: Rub a tumbled stone in your pocket to calm nerves or worry. As the stone of the sea, carry a piece in your luggage when travelling abroad.​

Who: A highly versatile stone: for those with high pressured or stressful lifestyles, frequent travellers, or ​nervous individuals.​

How: A powerful crystal to meditate with as it connects us to our higher consciousness. ​

​Given its connection to the ocean, cleanse your stone by soaking it in salt water.

Courage - Focus - Transformation


What: A form of feldspar mineral, this stone boasts a variety of colours with its iridescent sheen. It is said that Labradorite was born from the storms of the Aurora Borealis. ​

Why: A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change. It is thought to boost courage, strength and confidence.​

Where: Wear it in your jewellery to optimise the powers of this stone through touch. Often associated with clarity and focus, keep in your office or workspace. ​

Who: A powerful crystal for those embarking on changes or looking to boost confidence. ​

How: Cleanse your stone by leaving it in the moonlight or using palo santo or sage. ​

​Hold your crystal in the palm of your hand while repeating your affirmations. 

Inner peace - Balance - Spirituality


What:  A purple variety of quartz, this stone has a hexagonal crystal system with a glass lustre. ​

​Why: Amethyst is renowned for providing clarity and restoring inner peace. It is said to balance oneself and bring you back to your centre. ​

Where: Keep in a corner of your home to promote calm and balance or wear this stone so it is touching your skin to maximise its healing properties. ​

Who: For those looking to spark their spirituality or restore peace and harmony back into their life. This stone also serves those who struggle with decision making.​

How: Hold a piece of this powerful crystal during your meditation practice. Cleanse this stone by burning sage or palo santo.